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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Captain's log:  Initial entry-11:21:2015

Welcome to The Curious sailor! If you've come this far, you are most likely interested in sailing for one reason or  other. Or maybe you landed here accidentally by clicking on the wrong link and said  to yourself, " Hmm, what's this blog about?"  What ever the reason, your'e here now so stay for awhile...Welcome Aboard!

This blog is about Sailing! Sailing from the perspective of someone who knows almost nothing on the subject  but finds himself drawn to the mystique for reasons unbeknownst.  In fact, I have yet to step foot on a sailboat underway, I continue to struggle with the terminology and have trouble identifying the different types of sailboats but I have somehow convinced myself that I should start a blog... and it should be about sailing!

Now, I know if you did not land here by accident, you took the time to enter the specific search words that you expected would take you to a page that would offer valuable information. You were probably looking for a site that would provide great insights, tips and tricks, hard to find information, expansive technical knowledge and pictures. All provided by someone who has years of unsurpassed knowledge and experience. More so, willing to share it all with the entire World Wide Web... Free even!
Umm, yeah. No, I'm not quite there yet...

I suppose it's possible that after reading this far (with an indignant eye roll and a sigh of frustration) you have either clicked away to another site  or you are still here. In either case, the eye roll and sigh might still apply.  If you are still with me it's most likely out of raw curiosity -the kind that overpowers your ability to look away when driving slowly past a car wreck -  Maybe you're shaking  your head in dismay and saying  to yourself, "Why would this guy start a blog about a topic he knows nothing about?    Who does that...?"

Well, umm... I guess I do.... and I'll tell you why.

I have been diagnosed with APS. Autodidact Personality Syndrome and there is  no cure!

It's ok, no need to gasp or feel guilty about thinking I was an idiot for starting a blog without any real knowledge of the blog topic that I was writing about... Stop...  you already thought it... it's OK.

The term autodidact is defined by  Merriam-Webster as " A self taught person".
I have accomplished many things over the course of my life and plan to accomplish many more -sailing being one of them-   I have learned over time that the only way to truly become the "person" with years of unsurpassed expertise,  is to simply start something  at any knowledge level and learn as you go...   Jump right in with no fear and above all, have fun doing it!

I know, this is often believed to be easier said than done but you have to look at it this way. There is nothing documented in history as to the very first sailboat. Yes, historians have estimated it back to 3400 BC on the Nile river in ancient Egypt however, no one really knows who the very first sailor was. I mean think about it, there had to be that very first sailor to sail the very first  sailboat!

So knowing this, I can tell you with certainty -whether it's historically documented or not-  the very first sailor who sailed the very first sailboat....had not one clue as to what the hell he was doing! However,  immediately following his first  voyage, that sailor -for that moment- was the single most experienced sailor in the entire world.  You see where I'm going with this? We all have the ability to do absolutely anything we want and the only one that can stand in our way is ourselves.

So, I guess to sum it all up I am embarking on a new experience and inviting you to join me along the way.  The trip plan for this blog will consist of a sailboat purchase, restoration, and first sail to a destination yet to be determined. I will document all of my challenges, failures  and triumphs as we go and hopefully you will in someway benefit from these experiences or at least be entertained along the way.  Be patient with me, I know nothing about blogging either. (Figured we should just get it all out on the table now)

Lao Tzu is attributed with the saying, " The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". This blog is the first step to a journey into a world unknown and perhaps the perfect venue for the salted and unsalted to come together and share experiences, thoughts and ideas.   Dreams and aspirations....

The Curious Sailor


  1. Would love to follow your new blog and adventures but I refuse to join Google plus. It is rediculous to have to do that just to follow a blog. Good luck

  2. Ok.. Maybe this could work... I added a "Follow by e-mail" gadget to the page for anyone not on google Plus. Thanks for the feedback Kenny!

  3. I never knew there was such a thing as autodidact, but now I know I *suffer* from the same affliction. :-)

    It's mostly good....sometimes bad, but I have self-taught most things that I'm proficient at. It's absolutely the best way to learn.

    I bought a $1000 Hunter 25 sailboat that was in disrepair...without ever having worked on any sailboats, I just started tearing apart the interior to refinish it. Haven't looked back since!

    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures with sailing and repairing sailboats.


    1. H Mike, Welcome aboard!!

      It's not a bad affliction, definitely treatable with some hard work and fun! :)

      Thanks for the comment!

      The CuriousSailor

  4. WOW!! Nice blog! Good luck Curious Sailor!!


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